How To Bend Acrylic

The right way to bend Acrylic/ Perspex: One of the best ways to bend acrylic is to make use of a strip heater with a component working between two watercooled tubes, ideally comprised of stainless-steel. These tubes ought to be adjustable in order that the hole between the 2 tubes will be elevated or decreased relying upon the thickness of fabric that you’re bending. For instance 3mm acrylic the hole ought to be set to 12mm, for 6mm materials the hole ought to be set to 18mm, for 8mm materials the hole ought to be set to 24mm – 26mm and so on.. Rule of thumb is mostly 3 instances the thickness of fabric equals the hole between tubes.

When bending Polycarbonate it’s important that your sheet is free from moisture, which can in flip will forestall bubbles from showing within the materials. If bubbles do seem it’s typically as a consequence of leaving materials upon the strip heater for too lengthy, or the warmth is ready to excessive. Polycarbonate typically is bent while the fabric is sizzling however not as pliable as acrylic solid surface manufacturer. If utilizing this technique it should assist scale back possibilities of effervescent.

Sprucing Acrylic, will be executed in a few methods first is to buzz the perimeters so {that a} easy floor is created eradicating the coarser noticed marks after which utilizing a buff to offer that cup edge fininsh. Or you may flame polish the acrylic utilizing Hydrogen and Oxygen setup which delivers a far superior end which isn’t in contrast to that of glass. In some cases small items of acrylic will be bent utilizing a sizzling air gun and forming them over a chunk of tube.

Pleased Bending.

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