A New Secret Method to Write a Dispute Letter That Works

I’ve an exceptional, little-known credit score restore technique that may work in conditions the place the credit score bureaus have decided that the prior dispute letter was”verified as belonging to you”. That is additionally good to make use of as a selected credit score restore technique and distinctive method as a result of it goes effectively past the final causes for disputing equivalent to “not mine”, or “I used to be by no means late”, and so forth. In actual fact, even when the credit score bureaus rejected your “not mine” dispute, and concluded that the merchandise in query was verified as belonging to you, there isn’t any cause that you simply can not dispute the merchandise once more with.

Solely this time round, you will get very particular and power the credit score bureaus to really do some work and examine. (sometimes they use codes and infrequently do they do something that even remotely resembles investigating).

So as a substitute of sending a normal dispute letter claiming that the merchandise is not yours or that you don’t have any information of the account, you’ll assault particular listings and figures reported within the account.

Listed here are some examples of what I imply:

The merchandise is being reported as an “open” account. This isn’t correct, please delete this.

The merchandise has by no means been 90 days late, please take away it.

The account is being listed as an “installment account”. This false, please take away it.

This account is displaying an inaccurate stability. Please right the stability quantity, or take away it.

The tip of the 7 yr reporting interval ought to be listed as 6/2010. Please right or take away this.

This account was not opened on 02/2008. Please right this with the correct date opened, or take away this

I believe you get the concept. Be particular with inaccuracies with the tradeline. Many tradeline packages are incomplete in addition to inaccurate. Whenever you power the credit score bureaus to really look into the account, they must put in work, which they normally attempt to keep away from. You’re additionally avoiding being categorized or thought-about within the group of “Not mine” disputes, so they’re doing greater than checking whether or not the creditor confirms it belongs to you or not. And take note, at no level did you declare the itemizing does not belong to you…you wish to maintain the creditor and the credit score bureaus to the regulation beneath the FCRA. And meaning if they can not show that the itemizing is full and/or correct, it MUST be eliminated out of your credit score report. Give this highly effective technique a attempt. You will see it’s a very efficient solution to assemble an efficient dispute letter.


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